A Message from Archangel Michael


You are guarded and protected -  you have AA Michael’s protection ensuring you and your family are safe, accept this angelic assistance sent to you.  ASK for his support and protection for all those you love and care for and whenever you feel unsure or concerned just offer the situation to him and let him resolve it with his protection.


Positive thoughts create positive results -  Ask AA Michael to help your mind and emotions to be focused only on positive thoughts and the perfect outcome. Ask your higher self to be aware of the love and light in every person and situation and to focus only on the good.  


Self respect - See yourself as the angels see you through the eyes of love, respecting and honouring your inner beauty and light.  Ask the angels for guidance so you can do the same for yourself, ask them to help you have the courage to be honest and speak up on your own behalf.  Surround yourself with only loving and kind people


Forgive yourself: you have done nothing wrong - Let go of self blame and forgive yourself.  Release toxic anger and fear towards others as this is holding you back from feeling peace.  ASK for all your feelings and anxiety over a situation to be taken by the angels and resolved so you can be centred and at peace. Be kind to yourself and treat yourself with the same understanding and love you would give to your loved ones.  Now is the time to love yourself and let yourself be free from the chains of anger and fear, these are causing your current situation so let go and be free!




Prayer to say before going to sleep to help you to connect further with Archangel Michael.

“Archangel Michael, please enter my dreams and replace fear with faith and trust.  Let me be filled with strength, courage and confidence.”







































Dear Archangel Michael

Please help me to keep focused on my intentions and inner visions.  Please give me guidance on how to release any fears and doubts so I can have confidence and courage to take  guided action toward realising my dreams.




IMG_1114 AA M