New you: New spiritual developments


 21 day affirmations with selections like:


I have an abundance of Health,  Wealth and Happiness, Now.


Say daily for 21 days to see the new transformation in your life showing an abundance of health, wealth and happiness.


More will be added soon so that you are able to choose which will suit your position in your soul journey on Earth.


Ask the Angels to help you have the conviction to practice daily and the energy to maintain your new mindset to live in Love & Light


More selections to choose from but listen for a quiet moment to your innerself  

as you will be guided by the angels for an affermation especially for you.


I have the power within to be a loving and spiritual person


I have a peaceful and contented life NOW


I am a spiritual person full of joy and harmony


I have a constant flow of Joy, love and contentment in my life NOW


I trust my inner guidance NOW


I am a powerful kind and gifted person


I attract blessings everyday of my life


Everything is wonderful in my life NOW


I am a sucessful and loving person with everything I need in life


I am surrounded by loving and kind people who accept me just as I am


Abundance in all things is on its way to me now


My life is overflowing with love health and wealth and I give thanks for all I receive