Connecting with your Angel

Our Guardian Angels will whisper guidance to us and we receive it as a knowingness or intuition, the ‘gut’ feeling we have about a situation.  They cannot intervene without our request; they are governed by the Spiritual Laws and this is why it is so important to ASK for their help.  The support or interventions that they create for us are non-conditional, they just want us to enjoy the love and grace of God in all things we do.  




This can be as simple as just having a conversation: By talking out loud or quietly in your mind, telling them what your troubles are, what your innermost wishes are or about any situation you would like resolved.  Trust that they have heard you and will answer you in the way that will be for the highest good, this may not be in a way that you would expect.  The more you talk to your Angel the more you will become used to noticing their signs back to you: Showing that they have heard you and are communicating with you.

There are many ways of using rituals in connecting with your Angel all of which will help you to quieten your mind and help you focus on your communication.


The way I like to communicate is by preparing myself and my environment to give a welcoming atmosphere for our communication.  

I like to lie in bed and meditate so I use my bedside table as an Angel Alter, but if sitting in a lounge chair is better for you, that will be just as good: Personalise this time with your Angel to suit you, listen to your intuition and it will never be wrong.

Create a special space in a warm, quiet room to make an alter to your Angel.  This does not have to be very big, but if using candles it does have to be safe.  

Have peaceful calming music playing (Angelic CD are brilliant)

On the Alter place a candle and a crystal of your choice (I like using a Rose Quartz or clear quartz) Fresh flowers or a letter written by you to your Angel can be added, follow your intuition as each time may be different.

I like to have a calming sea salt bath: The use of candles and music in the bath room creates a nice warming atmosphere.  

Sprinkle a cup of Sea Salt into the warm water, add three cleansed clear Quartz crystals into the water and then lie back and immerse yourself.  Ask the Angels to cleanse your Aura and help you to be receptive to your Angelic connection.

Put on clean comfortable clothing and go to your ready prepared alter.  Sit or lie down and if necessary put a cover over yourself as you can become cold when meditating.

Light the candle and look at the flame.  Ask your Guardian Angel and all Angels to help you in your communication.

Close your eyes and let your mind go blank.

Take note of any thoughts which come into your mind: This is your Angel communicating with you, ENJOY with love, light & Angel blessings.







































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