Begining of the week
Crocus – You are a spiritual teacher
Share your wisdom with others. You were born to teach!

You have been blessed with the wonderful quality to share with others your healing abilities. You now need to begin your spiritual teaching, or expand what you are currently doing. Do not hold any fear that you cannot do this; your inner spirit knows you can and will guide you on your next steps. Your inspiration and guidance will make a difference to others, now is the time to teach and inspire others.

Middle of the week
Pink Rose – Let your inner beauty shine
You are a brilliant example of God’s love. Everything about you is perfect, so let your light shine and inspire others.

You truly are a beautiful being and you need to allow your inner beauty to shine. Do not feel that you are not attractive enough, you make such a difference to people and are truly loved, you just need to accept your inner radiance and have the confidence to let yourself shine. The angels and others see your shining beauty, now you just need to see and believe it too.

End of the week
Carnation – TRUST
You can trust the people around you. They are Earth Angels sent to give you guidance you seek.

The people you associate with and are close to you or in your inner circle can be trusted as they are honest and have been sent to guide you through the situation you are experiencing right now.
Trust your own feelings too as you know what is best for you, but are you listening? Be open and trust the guidance you are getting and if you still feel unsure, ASK your angels for guidance. It will be given, just listen and take action.