Begining of the week
Tulip – Take time for yourself
Enjoy relaxation activities that nurture your soul.

This is a very important message from your angels. They know you like to give and helping people and this makes you feel useful and valued, but now you need to take a rest and issues the same kindness to yourself. You will find making boundaries helpful so that you do not put all your energy into other people but save some time and energy for yourself. You need to change now to improve your own wellbeing! This is not being selfish but is a necessity. You are important and if you wish to help others you need to recharge your batteries regularly so you do not run out of energy!

Middle of the week
Orchid – Reach for the stars
You deserve only the best and this is all you should focus your attendtion on.

You are now being reminded to focus on what it is you want, do not let your mind slip into thinking about what you don’t want. If this happens then the negative thought of not wanting takes priority and negates all the positive energy. Make a , board or keep pictures of what it is you wish to have and look at them daily. Keep focused on the vision as you will be stepping closer to it every day, do not give up and start thinking again about what you do not have if things do not happen in your time line, be patient, it will be manifesting, keep focused on the prefect outcome and positive it is already on its way to you.

End of the week
Yellow Rose – Balance work rest and play
It's important fpr you to have fun along with fulfilling your responsibilities

You have been busy working and achieving all the things on your tick list but you have been neglecting the fun and joy in your life. You need to make time for yourself and create a balance in your life and spend time relaxing and doing things that make your heart sing. You are in charge of your life and time, even work goals can reassigned so they are realistic to ensure you have time to refresh yourself and nourish the adult with rest and your inner child with play. Do this now and enjoy the contentment it will bring.