The angels are our connection with God (depending on your own personal religious beliefs, sometimes called Source or The Creator)


The all powerful pure energy of Love and Light.


Most religious or spiritual learning’s have references to Angels.  They are the common link to us all from the higher being of our own particular belief.


We all have our own Guardian Angel which is allocated to us at the point of creation/conception.  We also have many Angels who assist us along our journey on Earth; these may change by our requests and need of them when we ask for their assistance.


When we ask for help it does not matter if we don’t know which Angels is best suited for the request, as the intention of our plea will be automatically directed to the Angelic Realm and all the Angels who can assist will come to help us immediately.



Asking is all we have to do to allow the Angelic Realm to assist us here on Earth.






We are all allocated a Guardian Angel at conception by God, some religions believe that we have four or even thousands.  What is agreed by all is that  it is our Guardian Angel’s purpose to guard and protect us throughout our life on Earth.   They are by our side always, waiting to assis us in all we do.  Talk to them often, share your fears and anxieties with them,then ask for their guidance and support no matter how small or large your request might be.  Asking is all you have to do, then listen for their answers or look for signs of guidance.





Archangels Angel connections