Archangels 001


The 4 most common known Archangels are:

   Archangels Michael   -  He who is like God  
  Archangel Gabriel   - The messenger of God
  Archangel Uriel    - God is light
  Archangel Raphael   -  He who heals

Use these Archangels whenever you feel that you could use a little support with the challenges and dilemmas of everyday life as well as when experiencing extreme turmoil. Their love and guidance knows no bounds.

We are all in need of protection now as we are starting to raise our vibrational levels. The Archangels are waiting to help shield and protect you from the negative energy which can invade your aura and cause you to feel tired and in a low mood for no reason. You may even experience feelings of pain or anger which is not your own but that of someone in a close proximity to you.

I will be adding extra protection meditations but after every shower or bath in the morning ASK Archangel Michael to cover you in his protective blue light and shield you from all harmful energies. If you are in an area with many people or you intuitively feel that the energy in the room is harsh then ASK him to clear the room of all negative energy and to protect you where ever you go.

You can ASK for colour protection from any angel but these are wonderful ones to start with.

BLUE – Archangel Michael for strong protection
GREEN – Archangel Raphael for healing protection
GOLD – God light for pure love and compassionate protection
WHITE – Pure energy of all colours to give positive protection in all situations


Hanial & Metatron

These Archangels are here assisting us now and throughout 2014. Extra additions will be added as messages form these angels are channelled.

Haniel is the Glory of God and will assist you in becoming closer to God and the angels so ASK for her assistance and she will bestow on you love, light and intuitive consecutiveness with God.

Metatron the archangel of 'Creational Geometry' will assist in transforming our planet and ourselves when ASK to assist by us.