Protection for Dolphins


All the dolphins in our waters on this earth are having great difficulty at the moment trying to deal with the toxicity that we are putting in the water as well as vibrations that we are giving in this earth. They are highly sensitive, highly tuned powerful vibrational spirits. The heavy negativity on earth is affecting their environment, polluting it and making it too harsh to live in.


Just like us they are experiencing difficulties with negativity it is also making it difficult for them to survive with these heavy,  toxic, negative environments here on this earth.


Take a few moments and just bring an image of a dolphin into your mind as you slowly breathe.  Just look at this picture in your mind's eye, then look into the eyes of your dolphin and connect with him.   Open your mind to any thoughts that you may receive from the dolphin.  Now imagine your dolphin is covered in the most beautiful rainbow light. As you look at the dolphin imagine every colour of the rainbow is flowing around him.  This rainbow light is a strong protective cover stopping any negativity getting into the dolphin’s aura Imagine all the water around the dolphin as being purified and charge with wonderful healing energy.


Ask all the angels to assist the dolphins and whales and any other highly spiritual beings in our waters to assist you.


Ask Archangel Raphael to give them healing to any wounds received from the toxins on earth.


Ask Archangel Michael to protect them and keep them safe in our earthly waters in peaceful abundance.


Pray for the survival of all our marine life here on Earth