Readings for your Life Purpose

I have been asked many times by people 'What is my Life Purpose?'


Using a new deck of cards given to me as a gift for helping with Divine guidance on our life purpose.



If you wish to have an Angelic Guidance reading to assit you in finding your true Life Purpose on Earth then contact me for your own individual reading similar to the short version of one below.


3 drop cards of special significance


Counselling, Children, new career change



You have been a kind and patient confidant to those who need support and assistance.  You have gently held them during difficult times and been their loving protector.  Now you may wish to train as a counsellor to help you change this natural ability into paid employment.   You also have a special gift with children: they trust and feel comfortable and safe in your care and you are able to show by example strength and gentleness to them whilst nurturing and guiding them along their own developmental path.  You will be guided by the beacons of loving light from your angels to opportunities which will give you a more rewarding and satisfying career change.  With the gifts you have as a supportive counsellor and guider of children your skills are needed in other areas of light work.  


Follow the guidance you receive by repetitive messages and if you choose to take these opportunities you will be rewarded with a very gratifying and higher vibration vocation.  You will be following your true light path on Earth you have the power to do wondrous things, TRUST in your angelic guidance as they know you have this ability, you just need to believe in yourself.


God bless and peaceful transitions