Reiki Healing



Rei - Means universal

Ki - Means life force




The Usui system of natural healing


Reiki is a natural and simple healing method which allows you to absorb more life force energy, balancing the energies in your body.


Reiki treatment is not a subtsitute for medical treatment, but is helpful as an aid to conventional medicine.  It activates your own self-healing power, reinforces conventional therapies and gives a holistic approach to your healing.


As we are all individuals your response to Reiki is also individual.  


As a Reiki practitioner  I act as a channel which allows the healing energy to flow in a powerful and concentrated form through my hands or thoughts.  As your practitioner I direct the Reiki healing energy into your body, energising and balancing your Chakras.


The Chakras:

These are the seven main energy centres which assist in the regulation and balance of your endocrine glands which help balance your metabolism and hormone system.


My intention is to help you relax and gain a sense of wellbeing.


I can do distance treatments by telephone or by prior arrangement.


Contact me  to book an appointment.

£30 per treatment

Earth Angel Chakra