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Earth Angel

Rita Holme Angel Certified Practitioner

Reiki Master Relaxation Skills Specialist


The Angels are there waiting to help you enhance your life.
All you have to do is ASK!

We all need a little guidance at difficult times in our life but the Angels offer their help at any time, to anyone, no matter how small or large the request is.

Try asking the Parking Angel to find you a space next time you enter a carpark: You will be amazed that a space will materialise just for you.

I am an Angel Certified Practitioner trained by Charles Virtue

I connect with the Angelic Realm on your behalf, requesting their support for your current situation. I interact with them asking questions for the best possible outcome for you.

I do Angel Card readings which involve my connecting with the Angelic Realm. The Angel Cards are used as the inspiration for their messages to you. Your reading includes any information, messages or interpretations given to me by your Angels as I am guided by them step by step.

A written copy of your Angel Card Reading is sent to you via email following payment by PayPal, or if organised as a telephone consultation a written copy of your reading can be emailed to you if you wish.

Visit my Angel Card Page for more information.

Sending Angelic Blessings