World peace cards

World healing meditation with peace cards and Reiki


Using these meditation peace cards from William Rand we are able to send a continuous-wave of healing peace around the world.

On the dates given by William we can all tune in together and send a powerful surge of peace to all areas of the globe.


How to do it without access to the peace cards


Sit quietly and take a couple of deep breaths as you imagine your heart swelling with peace and love. Then send this love from your heart directly to these cards like a wonderful white light full of love:  a torch of love coming from your heart out into the world.


Imagine an image of the globe in front of you then see this wonderful light coming from your heart flowing round the world covering it with a beautiful vibrant white light.  This is your own love and peace flowing to all corners of the earth. Now see the whole earth covered in your white love and light gradually see this white light penetrating down into the core of the Earth itself.


Stay focused on this picture in your mind & continually push more light out towards the world.


Download  World Peace Cards


Note: This is a big file and it may take several minutes

to download so please be patient